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 mage Want to join

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PostSubject: mage Want to join   Sat Aug 16, 2008 11:26 am

Charname / Class
Dranei Female Mage called Flunkie ^^ - If you check armory, you probaly gonna see me in pvp gear, so if you want to see my gear just /w ingame Smile

43/18 - pvp specc, i like arcane/fire in raids for the crit and more spell dmg - i can respecc to whatever you ever want to Smile

Describe your gear:
455 res in pvp gear^^ Pve: (totally unbuffed) 1213 spelldmg ( with Mind Mastery), around 1000 without Smile 195 hit rating, 35 spell penetration, 18,42%crit (without Molten armor) that should be it i guess? Razz I got pretty much most Badge reward gear, belt of blasting, and stuff Smile

Im Pretty much exalted with every Heroic, needs 2k with Scryer which i am working on, exalted with Isle of Quel danas, and working on Ogrila and Sky guard thing or whatever it's called Razz

Tailoring 345 (working on it) got alot of epic recipes for it, like spellfire/healing things etc, just need to get it up u know^^ Mining Low skilled, not actually working on that one :/

Personal Information:
My name is Peter, Im 16 years old - From Denmark, goes to school. Next year, i'll start my study Smile

For how long have you been playing World of Warcraft?:
I've been playing for what? i guess, hmm.. at least 2 years probaly a bit more/less Very Happy

How often do you play?:
Playing from like when I'm home from school, and pretty much ti'll about 23/24pm. depends much u know - weekends ( If not work) mostly everyday - You know, I'm pretty much addicted to wow Sad Shame on me!

How are you in raids? :
Well, im like the guy standing in back throwing fireballs on the bosses/mobs whatever it is^^ or just running around slowing, and fireblast ( in pvp) ^^ else in dps, depends in so much, if all the other guys got very good gear, ill probaly be like dunnp 5. probaly more/less you know ^^

Can you handle wipepartys?:
Oh whatever, wipe is a part of wow, isnt it? or just me?

Why do you want to join us? If we had to choose between you and an equal player, why should we choose you?:
I think, im the only flunkie with my humor in the world, you won't find any else like me ^^ i use to be good at dps in raids, but as i wrote that depends on sooo much Smile

Do you know anyone in Divine Survival?:
Aw not really actually, i made an application once before i had a break from wow, and that was like december last year i guess. But i was denied Sad unfortnatly Sad

Anything else you want to say?:
Well i can either talk or write english, some of my grammar may be bad, but i dont think i really SUUUCK to english, if u get me?

Anyway, hope to see you in future Smile

Flunkie is out.
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mage Want to join
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