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 Flunke - Mage wanna join![Denied]

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PostSubject: Flunke - Mage wanna join![Denied]   Mon May 05, 2008 8:22 pm

Charname / Class:
Flunkie, (70 weird?) Dranei Female Mage Very Happy

Atm i am pure fire, tho i usally is 40/21/0 coz of the extra spell crit dmg and instant pyroblast =].. i can specc to whatever you want but if you want me to go frost i need a new offhand O.o only got 1 with fire spell dmg. :s and cant afford badges since, i am going for the Dagger with spell dmg!

Describe your gear:
1058 Fire spell dmg, 105 hit rating ( i got more gear in bag that gives more) 25,15% crit with Molten armor 22,13 without. 35 Spell Penetration? ^^ and 0 Haste rating Razz

I work on Scryer - And Lower City ( almost Exalted and Keepers Of Time) - Else i am exalted with all the Heroics there is! and working on all the other stuff ofc Wink i like when it all is exalted its more pretty than Hated or Neutral Wink

Well my tailoring sucks to be honest, i got spell strike spell fire and all those recipes but my skill i am to lazy to get up - then i got mining but i just wanna get rip of that :S

Personal Information:
My name is Peter
I am 16 years old - 04/08 - 92.
I am from Denmark =]
Well the Exam starts on Tuesday but ofc i can play anyway, then i do as most normal on my age? School, Friends, Girlfriend^^ and parties thats it AND WOW OFC! Wink i am pretty addicted to wow :S

I've been playing since the game came. i got another 70 on another sever but haven't played on it for like 5 month now! :s
I play mostly every day, till about 23.00 Server time. Maybe less maybe more depends on how tired i am!
How i am? well i guess thats pretty much up to you. i take it serious, but sometimes if i am really tired, i maybe slack a bit :S - Wipe is a part of the game, thats it no one can do anything to that Very Happy
No i don't know any one - a shame Sad

Well, even i am from Denmark my English is good. I can speak and write it very well, but my accent is weird and u might find it weird :/ - Hope you like it?

Thats all from me? see ya in the future! hopefully!
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PostSubject: lala   Mon May 05, 2008 8:24 pm

u know the the dagger with spell dmg from badges i meant :s
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PostSubject: Re: Flunke - Mage wanna join![Denied]   Tue May 06, 2008 2:08 pm

For me as it is atm i see no reasons to invite more mages to the guild.
We have enough of mages!

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PostSubject: Re: Flunke - Mage wanna join![Denied]   

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Flunke - Mage wanna join![Denied]
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