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 BullDozzer - Fury warr [Accepted]

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PostSubject: BullDozzer - Fury warr [Accepted]   Thu May 08, 2008 11:38 pm

Well Well sometimes you feel like u craped in the blue wardrobe so to say.... eh.... ye.. or something

anyway! my name is BullDozzer and i guess most of you officers know me. as u saw in the topic name i am a fury warrior. why? simply beacouse its the best dps specc for warrs. I can/will goo arms (if needed) if i get a good 2h, to boost some melee dps.
my gear is some kara, some Za, some badge,(some honor... oh noes *ashame*)
AP: 1925
Hit: 163
Crit: 29.57%
ArPen: 294
Armory! Copy-> armory.wow-europe.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Ravencrest&n=Bulldozzer

Tanking: got a Almost full epic tank gear(not MT-style more like OT) its almost all kz-epics and t4chest+boots from za.

i am exalted with Violet eye, Ogri'la, Shattered sun, sha'tari skyguard, and revered with all other hc-places.
Bs/mining- 375. nothing special, dont buy any AH-recipes, you will never earn the money back as BS.

I have played all bosses in kz(ofc), all bosses in za, gruuls, maggys, lurker and morogrim. i love to raid, and to try on new bosses. I can absolutley handle wipes. wipe=learning!

Enough about a fat, viritual pieace of pork!
My name is Oscar, and i'm from Falun, Sweden. I will become 15 in june and(ofc) goes to school. how long i been playing wow? yaix... ehm i guess i started playing some time before tbc came out, but never reached 60 when that was max. i remember being like lvl 40-50 when tbc slaped our face. I play wow probably all days and can raid all days ecxept Wednesday/monday. i guess i can be, like backup or something, but i wont be home by invites most probably. as i said i love to try new bosses and learning new fights. I mostly act mature on raids. i like a good laugh and to joke. i always shut up on new encounters(mainly beacouse i'm to concentrated on playing Razz ).
Do i know any1 in divine? well Belgar, Newra, Blå<3. and many of the players i played/talked with some times.

Anything else? well... sry.
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PostSubject: Re: BullDozzer - Fury warr [Accepted]   Thu May 08, 2008 11:49 pm

Sry.. maybe i should mention WHY i cant raid on wednesdays/mondays, well i got handboll practice.

//The Dozzer
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PostSubject: Re: BullDozzer - Fury warr [Accepted]   Fri May 09, 2008 1:12 pm

Yes you made a big mess in that blue wardrobe or something.....

After long and mindboggling decision making ive decided to give you a second chance.

But NOTE that this will be your last chance.

You will start as trial,but i will keep you at trial a bit longer then normal.
You can look at it as a punishment for past errors or a new beginning where you consided loyalty to be a bigger virtue.
We do NOT want guild jumpers.
If were to gear people up we want that gear to stay in guild.
As trial you will have no chance to loot,only if members dont need it.

Its all up to you now!
If you consider these terms fair contact me or any other officer online and they will give you a invite.


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PostSubject: Re: BullDozzer - Fury warr [Accepted]   

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BullDozzer - Fury warr [Accepted]
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