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 70 lvl holy paladin app - Eriksne[Accepted]

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PostSubject: 70 lvl holy paladin app - Eriksne[Accepted]   Sat May 24, 2008 8:37 pm

Name: Lars Eriksen
Age: 16
Location: BrÝrup, a lilte city in Denmak Smile
Tell us about yourself: Im habby boy and I plays wow as fun, I cant use vt because deaf sorry, ;s


Name: Eriksne ( Holy paladin )
Level: 70 lvl ofc
Class: Paladin
Specc: Holy
Proffessions skil: Alchemy 375, Herb is 375.
btw my gear is SSC gear.


Which days of the week can you raid? I plays so much I can sometims not and I cant play wow Wednesday, thursday. Smile
What time can you raid from and until? 11:00 or 11:15.
Can you devote time outside of raids to learn tactics and farm consumables? sure I can all to hyjal.
Previous guild(s): Highborn, First kill, Avalon, Syntaxerror, Prima Nocte and Thank you come again
Reason for leaving previous guild:highborn, First kill, Avalon Disbanned. I leave Syntaxerror because disagree with gulid leader and Office, I leave Prima Nocte because leader slacker, I leaved TYCA because full on paladin.
TBC raiding experience: I can all boss to hyjal

Why do you want to join Divine Survival? I need some one nice guild and serious in raid and new Friends in guild Smile
What do you expect from us? nice raid and helpfull guild.
What can we expect from you? help other in guild m8...some one nice healing and I can make many flask at Alchemy
What will you do in the name of progress? I try make my best healing and my work, I know how I play my class. I hate Negative player.
Can any members Inconnu vouch for you? ohh yeah.. Ylr, my old guildmate in TYCA

/w Eriksne for info Smile
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PostSubject: Re: 70 lvl holy paladin app - Eriksne[Accepted]   Sat May 24, 2008 10:02 pm

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70 lvl holy paladin app - Eriksne[Accepted]
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