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 Abernathy Warlock [Accepted]

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PostSubject: Abernathy Warlock [Accepted]   Mon May 12, 2008 1:42 am

Charname / Class
Abernathy, warlock, http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Ravencrest&n=Abernathy

0/21/40 and ye i can respecc ofc if needed, and i also know my hitrating is low now. But dont worry i am working on it.
And i am a lucky guy who doesnt really has problems with that while raiding

Describe your gear
1258 shadowdmg(with felarmor, but well imo you should count with that as warlock. Why wouldnt you have that on 24/7?)
spell hit, dont really wanne say that 109 but like i said working on it. 19,44% chance to crit

Cenarion Expedition - exalted
Honor Hold - revered
Lower City - revered
The Scryers - exalted
The Sha'tar - exalted
The Violet Eye - exalted for a LONG time, lol
Keepers of Time - revered
Could add some more to the spamlist but dont think thats needed

Tailoring(375 and got spellstrike hood for example) Enchanting(375 and got 40 spell dmg on weapon and those other easy
to grind recipes. Also got surefooted, mongoose and stealweave)
Guess what because i got no life all secondary skills are also 375

Personal Information

Maurice Suiker(Suiker is dutch means sugar Very Happy)
Well if you didnt guess that because of my name, holland/the netherlands for people who didnt know it its the same Razz
Ye i go to school like a normal person and have to cycle 2 hours everyday because of that, you really had to remind me to that when i have free?

To be honest no idea, i guess 2 years or something could be longer

Well actually when i am home and not eating or sleeping

Depends on raidleader, i can shut up and focus. But also imba at talking and joking alot.

Who cant handle wipes shouldnt raid imo

Well because i am dutch(dont ask why that matters, its 0.36 in the night when i am writing this Razz) and according to my other guild i am OP lol they seriously said that.

I know binki, blae, newra and controlfreak

Ye i got no life so i am too much online Razz and ye my life is a bit fucked up because of some things, so better not joke about some special things but the chance you guys joke about those things without knowing what is wrong is like 0,1% Very Happy And ye i wanne join guild so hurry Twisted Evil just kidding
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PostSubject: Re: Abernathy Warlock [Accepted]   Mon May 12, 2008 2:42 pm

Looking good Abe. Just /w an officer in game.

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Abernathy Warlock [Accepted]
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